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When i was on,
  this appeared:
You are muted on the shoutbox until Feb 6, 2106, 22:28.

here is the real conversation:
ME: i used the vs player for my video, BUT it is wrong. my jolteon BEAT bastiodon. but in the "pokecheck version"(wrong way) BASTIODON WON. WHERE THE F** IS STAFF?!
hozu Calm down dude. You realize there's a link to report errors?
ME: But i don't know how! and one more thing, I AM CORN KID. yeah, thats right the one you banned? im back! and no, i was NOT TALKING ABOUT BATTLING!
Hozo Come back again and it will be permanent
ME: listen! i was not talking about battles! you won't even allow the word!!!
hozo: ........
ME: please!!! no!!
ME: Battle
hozo: You are muted on the shoutbox until Feb 6, 2106, 22:28.
ME In my head: fuck pokecheck
su7u Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
Hozu's old as shit and quick to ban everybody. I really want to see a ton of 12 year olds troll him, but he enjoys hitting the ban button. Makes him feel special ;)

I got banned for saying swag. At the end of a sentence, asking about an ID/SID combo. Yeah, he's emotionally stunted.
darkchidorisenbon Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
hey man i got muted just trying to help out a friend and who is this hozu guy
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